About Us

Hello and welcome to Accessorize it, LLC

    We are thrilled to introduce you your new convenient and helpful shop when looking to Accessorize it. 

    We are hardworking fashion specialists that are available online 24/7, dedicated to jewelry, and accessories in general.

         We operate from Louisiana, USA. Our office, showroom, and warehouse is located in the friendly city of Lafayette. You are welcome to visit our showroom. Just email us or call us to make an appointment; we will be waiting with a warm welcome, lots of accessories and smiles.


    Our office and showroom:

    1904 W Pinhook Road. Suite # 110

    Lafayette, Louisiana 70508


         We are committed to offering unrivaled service, while providing our clients with expertise and knowledge about fashion, so you can feel excited and confident about any accessory and jewelry purchase. We are all about fashion, always researching and studying the new trends to be always on the cutting edge of what you need for that special occasion, workwear, or for everyday stylish moment

         Our goal is to provide women's jewelry and accessories with a great service, and the best prices, to help you to look and feel gorgeous and fabulous.

         While shopping at Accessorize it, LLC you will discover that we aren’t just a simple online store, but will also be your private style partner. Allow us to get to know you better to help you find the best perfect jewelry for your next special event. We will take enough time to share our knowledge about our products and recent trends so that you will feel completely confident in your jewelry purchase when accessorizing with us. We can guide you to make a more informed decision before making your final jewelry purchase.

    Send us an email at info@accessorizeit.net or text us at 337-541-0029 telling us about:

    • your next event or occasion.
    • The level of formality of the event.
    • Is your personality outgoing or introverted?
    • The color of clothing for the event?
    • Hair and eye color
    • What is your concern or need?

    We can give you free advice.

         Accessorize it, offers an extensive variety of high-quality jewelry in Stainless Steel, and Alloy; we have accessories for all four seasons, and for all your different occasions and events. We also partner with handmade artists to offer real handmade accessories.


         We work with rigor and great passion in making our business successful in pleasing you, help you with your accessories needs, and earn your trust. We are very faithful to our business values.

       We have been selling in sale channels as EBAY and Etsy. We have decided to open our first Online Store August 2015. Since then, we are completely willing to listen to your concerns and/or suggestions that can help us get better at what we do, "Pleasing you".

    We will continuously evolve and totally adapt to your needs to constantly satisfy you with new designs and technology innovations, but without losing any sight of our business’ real essence.

    Our team:

    Nathalia Rivette

    - Purchase and Sales Manager

    - Customer Satisfaction




     Maria Teresa Coello

    Crochet designer,

    Handmade jewelry designer.



    Showroom organizer and Inventory Control


     Ahmed Akbar

    Website and Graphic designer


    Shane Rivette

    Sales Advisor


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